Airwrap Cot Liner Muslin for 2 or 4 Sided Cots - More Colours Available

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The Airwrap is a breathable cot bumper like no other.

It's safer than a traditional cot bumper because its made from a revolutionary padded yet breathable fabric. This amazing fabric allows good airflow in the cot whilst still protecting against knocks, bumps and tangling arms and legs in the cot's framework. The Airwrap is also collapsible so it cannot be used as leverage to climb from the cot.

Designed with natural, breathable cotton muslin outer, mesh inner and adjustable four piece construction to fit your cot/crib, can be used as 4 sides or 2 sides Airwrap. Airwrap is also free from bumper ties and vented corners provide more airflow than other lightly padded cot liners. Firm, slimline and non-pillowy with oodles of safety features.

The Airwrap quickly and neatly fits all cots, with or without solid ends (including Boori) and is perfect for drop-side cots. It can also be fitted just below the mattress level, protecting baby's limbs even more and also fantastic for keeping Dummies in!

Airwrap, safer than a bumper. Australia and the UK’s number one choice for traditional bumper alternative.


  • Vented corners for maximum airflow
  • Adjustable 4 piece design to fit most cots (2 Sides or 4 Sides)
  • Breathable air permeable mesh fabric
  • Free from bumper ties. The use of fixed placement bumper ties prevent safe fitting on many cot types
  • Keeps arms, legs and pacifiers inside the cot
  • Protects against bumps and knocks
  • Provides a visual shield
  • Firm yet padded, slim-line and non-pillowy
  • Provides less leverage for climbing when fitted properly
  • Natural cotton muslin outer layer and trim with polyester mesh inner
  • Easy to clean, Machine washable
  • Tested for breathability, quality and hazardous elements in accordance with global standards. Free from Formaldehyde, Lead, Phthalates and AZO dyes
  • Lab tested and confirmed by world-renowned paediatric respiratory experts to have better Co2 airflow compared to other lightly padded cot liners
  • Patented multi-layer technology - made from breathable padded mesh


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