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Zazu Sleep Trainer Clock Sam Sheep

Sam the Sleeptrainer is an expert in sleeping, and his speciality is toddlers and small children. Every family needs a sleep expert like Sam!

Imagine a few extra minutes of sleep in the morning.... (Ah, bliss!) Sam the Sleeptrainer can help you get it. Sam closes his eyes when its time to go to bed to tell your child its time to sleep. When it's time to get up, he opens his eyes. Your child can see if they wake up too early that Sam is still sleeping, and then they know it's too early to get up too. And if it's just half an hour before wake-up time, Sam keeps his eyes closed but displays a green screen with starts that slowly disappears with the countdown, so children know they can get up soon, but perhaps just have some quiet time until Sam opens his eyes.

Sam is loaded with useful other features too. He has an alarm clock (just in case your child actually sleeps past wake-up time), a night light with timer or just leave it on all night.

Sam the Sleeptrainer from Zazu is just what every parent needs, just a few more minutes sleep!


  • Closes his eyes when its time to sleep, opens his eyes when its time to get up
  • You set the wake up time at either a specific time of day, or after a certain number of minutes - perfect for day-time naps
  • Half an hour before wake up time, the screen turns green and the 12 stars begin to disappear one by one, counting down the time
  • Includes an alarm with digital or analogue setting and adjustable volume
  • Night-light with timer (5, 15 or 30 minute timer, or just leave on all night)
  • Operates on USB outlet power (wall adapter not included) or 4 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Size: 22 x 11 x 13cm
  • Designed in the Netherlands

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