Aden+ Anais 0.4 Tog Bamboo Sleeping Bag Various Prints

Select Size: Large (12-18 months)
Style: tranquility - bead bamboo


Aden+ Anais 0.4 Tog Bamboo Sleeping Bag Various Prints

The aden + anais sleeping bag brings this lightweight luxury bamboo fabric into the 21st century with colourful, stylish prints and an effortless design to keep a night's rest safe, comfortable, and peaceful.

The 0.4 tog bamboo sleeping bag is made of rayon from bamboo fibre. It is a perfect sleeping bag for hot days/nights. Bamboo muslin's light, open weave allows a baby's body temperature to regulate itself naturally helping to prevent overheating, release heat and moisture when hot.

aden + anais sleeping bags offer the ultimate in breathability and softness, as the more the more you wash them, the softer they get. Each sleeping bag zips from the bottom, making diaper changes easy, and a strip of muslin over the zipper by baby's face provides extra comfort.

  • Luxuriously Soft: made of rayon from bamboo fibre muslin
  • Breathable: eliminates loose blankets in the crib, ensures a safe night's sleep
  • Safe: makes swaddling easy
  • Practical: zips from the bottom for easy nighttime changes
  • Comfy: gets softer with every wash
  • Beautiful gift: gift boxed

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