Air Purifier with UV Sterilization Mode + Free Breath Blend oil by Lively Living

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Air Purifier with UV Sterilization Mode by Lively Living

Lively Living is proud to introduce this ground breaking Air Purifying Sterilization EOW technology to Australia!

99.9% GERM FREE STERILIZING HUMIDIFIER – Germs are everywhere, and threaten you and your family’s health. Lively Livings Safe-Air Sterilization Humidifier, will safely and effectively destroy 99% of harmful germs in the air. Protect your family from sickness causing germs with our Safe-Air Purifier. Incorporating EOW – Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Technology.

Protect Your Family

  • 2 hour Automatic Disinfecting Sterilization Mode
  • 10-20 hour duration Ultrasonic Humidifier mode
Breathe Clean Safe Air
  • Efficiently & Quickly with the touch of a button.
  • Remove: Allergy-causing Environmental Allergens and Bacteria
  • Breathe clean, safe air day and night.
  • Can add drops of essential oil to a oil drawer at the side
Guard Against Viruses & Bacteria
  • Using electrolyzed water for superior Protection of your health
  • Patented EOW Air-Purifying Technology
  • Automatic Electrolyzed Oxidizing Water Mode


  • Disinfecting Sterilization Mode – 2 hours, 30 m³/2h
  • Ultrasonic humidifier – 8-20 hours
  • 1.8L water capacity – Tap fillable
  • Size: 19cm x 30cm
  • Colour – White

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