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L'il Fraser Collection - Original Stretch Jersey Baby Wrap/ Blanket

Lil Fraser Collection is a range of thoughtfully designed baby wraps; the only baby wraps recommended by leading mothers’ help groups and maternity hospitals.

Little Fraser Collection wraps are 120cm x 120cm. This extra large sizing makes wrapping easy for parents, ensures that baby stays tucked in tightly while sleeping, and is big enough to accommodate every baby even as they grow. Every L’il Fraser Collection wrap is made from 100% Cotton Stretch Jersey fabric. The delicate yet durable weave makes the fabric soft, stretchy, and ideal for swaddling, without the inclusion of any synthetic materials. The natural stretch allows the wrap to be tucked snugly around a baby, without being overly restrictive.

L’il Fraser Collection wraps’ unique size and stretch cotton fabric mean the product is perfect to be to be used in many other ways. Parents use it as a feeding shawl, a blanket, a cot sheet, a pram cover, a bassinet throw and as a floor rug so that baby can be allowed to stretch out safely in unfamiliar places.


  • Stretchy - L'il Fraser Collection baby wrap is made of 100% cotton and actually grows as your child grows.
  • Generous Size - 120cm x 120cm extra large sizing makes wrapping easy for parents, ensures that baby stays tucked in tightly while sleeping
  • Soft - 100% jersey cotton so soft and gentle on babies' delicate skin
  • Stylish - Modern designs
  • Versatile - L'il Fraser Collection Wraps are very flexible and can be used as a pram cover, feeding shawl, and are ideal as a bassinet and cot throw
  • Gift Boxed - Perfect newborn gift – stylish, practical, versatile and affordable.


L’il Fraser Collection baby wraps are made from 100% woven Jersey Cotton stretch fabric.

The 125gsm cotton is lightweight yet warm, making it perfect for all seasons.


Each wrap measures 120 cm x 120 cm, making them among the largest and most versatile baby wraps on the market.

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