Little Bamboo Bassinet Fitted Sheet



Little Bamboo's ’s silky-soft bassinet fitted sheet

Made with bamboo, this extremely smooth and delicate sheet is perfect for your baby’s sensitive skin. Bamboo fibre has the added bonus of being more water absorbent and breathable than regular cotton and further boasts superior temperature control capabilities, meaning it provides greater warmth in winter and coolness in summer.


  • Beautifully soft and silk-like – feels great against baby's skin
  • Warmer in winter, cooler in summer
  • More breathable (than cotton) - helps baby stay comfortable
  • More water absorbent - helps your baby stay drier
  • Naturally antibacterial - makes it healthier to use
  • Earth friendly - positive impact plantation, pesticide free, low water to grow, renewable resource
  • Composition: 70% bamboo rayon 30% cotton


1 fitted sheet

80cm x 40cm x 11cm

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Bamboo is a man-made but natural fibre. It’s a grass, and the fibre looks like cotton in its unspun form – a puffball of light and airy fibres.

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