Lively Living Snooze Fairy Portable White Noise Machine

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Snooze Fairy Portable White Noise Machine    

An exciting new addition to our award winning " Snooze" range! 

Transform your little one's sleep routine with the Snooze Fairy—the ultimate companion for sleep at home or on the go! Compact and portable, this palm-sized sound machine is compact yet mighty to ensure tranquil sleep no matter where you are.

With 21 serene sounds, a dimmable night light, ability to store its last used settings, usb rechareable and the longest continuous run time than any portable white noise machine on the market, the Snooze Fairy is your ultimate white noise companion.

  • White Noise: Consistent sound across all frequencies, masking background noise and creating a calming environment.
  • Pink Noise: Balanced sound with more emphasis on lower frequencies, mimicking natural sounds like rainfall.
  • Brown Noise: Even deeper frequencies, resembling the sound of a distant thunderstorm or a soft rumble, perfect for a tranquil sleep setting.

INCLUDES: 1 x Snooze Fairy Sound Machine 1 x USB-C cord for charging  1 x Round removeable hook 1 x Fabric loop - attached  12 month warranty  30 Day satisfaction guarantee


  • 21 Built-in soothing sounds
  • Over 48 hrs continuous play time on one charge, (low volume) 
  • Easy adjustable volume wheel
  • Adjustable warm white night light
  • Lightweight, sturdy and compact 
  • USB Rechargeable 
  • Optional timer function to stop at a set time if you choose. 
  • Stores last used settings, ready for next use 
  • Child lock
  • Easy to use anywhere, at home or on the go.
  • Size: 95mm x 43mm
  • Weight: 210g

Sleep anywhere anytime with the Snooze Fairy Portable White Noise Machine.

High-quality clear sounds foster deep, restorative sleep by effectively  masking background noises in the sleep environment or on the go.

Boasting 21 soothing sounds and a gentle night light, the Snooze Fairy caters to all ages from newborns to adults. 


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