Living Textiles Smart Sleep Sleeping Walker 0.2 Tog

Colour: Pink Bird
Size: 12-24 mths


Living Textiles Smart Sleep Sleeping Walker 0.2 Tog

Our Smart Sleep™ Sleep Walker suits are the perfect all-in-one sleep solution for crawling and walking babies. The innovative design allows for freedom to walk, crawl and play before bedtime, yet provides comfort by not restricting legs during sleep. Older babies and toddlers love to test their independence; they often wake up and pulling themselves up inside their cot or even trying to climb out. A traditional sleeping bag at this age can put them at risk of tripping and hitting their head; the Smart Sleep™ Sleep Walkers are designed to reduce this risk of cot climbing injuries.

Its Better Sleep Made Easy™. 


  • 0.2tog rating makes this sleeping walker suit perfect for the warmer months
  • Layer up under the sleepsuit as needed for additional warmth using our handy guide on the back of the packaging and our website
  • Made from 100% cotton jersey that helps prevent overheating and allows for full chest expansion and movement
  • 2-way zipper for easy nappy changes
  • It helps prevent baby tripping over in the cot
  • Machine Washable  

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