Marpac Yogasleep Hushh 2 Portable White Noise Machine



Marpac Hushh+ Portable White Noise Sound Machine

Our best-selling white noise machine - Yogasleep Hushh just got even BETTER!  

The Yogasleep Hushh 2 is more durable, stylish and even more user friendly, making your portable sound machine that much more amazing, and sleep time on the go more simple. With 3 additional sounds, comprehensive buttons and sleek design, you won't want to leave the house without it!

Hushh 2 provides the restful, rejuvenating nights that you and your baby need. Soothe your little one into a deeper, uninterrupted sleep with a selection of six calming sounds. Nighttime feedings and late-night check-ins are less disruptive with the adjustable amber night light and more visible backlit buttons. With a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 34 hours, a secure carabiner clip that can be operated with one hand, a durable design that stands up to demands of parenting, the Hushh 2 is more than just an upgrade; it’s a promise of better dreams for both baby and you. 


  • 6 soothing sounds including - the signature Dohm sound, white noise, rain, landscape, gentle surf and a healing sound
  • Backlit buttons - Buttons light up for easy operation in the dark
  • Durable - more durable than any other portable sound machine on the market against accidental drops. Drop-tested, ultra-durable, and built to withstand life on the go
  • Better hook - carabiner style hook that is more durable and simple to use. Can be ,locked/unlocked with on hand. Secure and won't come apart when pulled on by baby.
  • Stylish - on trend design giving premium, clean and simple. It also goes with any decor!
  • Battery life - the rechargeable battery is long lasting with a minimum of 13 hours ( up to 34 hours!) of continuous use for a full night of baby's sleep.
  • Sleep timer - optional sleep timer options. Set your Hushh 2 to turn off after 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 120 minutes. Also runs continuously if no option is chosen.
  • Night light - adjustable amber night light
  • Toddler lock - keep curious toddler hands from changing the settings

Volume info

The Hushh 2 has a wide volume range, giving you a lot of flexibility in terms of how loud you play it and where you use it. Most customers find low to medium volume quite sufficient and this will also mean that the charge lasts for longer as the higher the volume, the shorter the battery time.

We do not recommend having the Hushh 2 close to your baby on maximum volume as it is very loud. It is different to the Baby Shusher for example, which is designed for use close to baby and operates for a limited time rather than continuously. The maximum volume would be suitable if you are using the Hushh 2 plugged in across the room from your baby and only for short periods.

Battery power information

The Hushh 2 has an internal rechargeable battery which means you never need to replace batteries or worry about your child opening the machine and playing with batteries. The battery is charged using the USB cable supplied with your unit.

We recommend charging with a good quality charger, such as the good quality chargers supplied with a phone or a Belkin brand charger. Cheap phone chargers take much longer to charge and may not fully charge your Hushh 2.

USB power cord information

The Hushh 2 comes with a USB cable cord, but not a power plug or adapter. The Hushh 2 is intended to be used as a portable machine. Please do not leave the unit plugged into power for an extended period of time as this can damage the internal rechargeable battery. It is recommended that you only use the USB cord provided with your Hushh 2. Using any other cord can result in damaging your unit and/or does not provide sufficient power to run your unit. We suggest popping a sticker/marker on your Hushh 2 cord so you can differentiate between other USB cords you may have in your household.

This unit is intended for portable use - do not leave plugged in for more than 5 consecutive days.


  • Modern refresh of much loved original
  • Improved battery life
  • Continuous play
  • Cradles baby in a consistent, adjustable sound to promote restful sleep cycles
  • Masks everyday noises, so you don't have to worry about anyone (or anything) waking baby
  • 6 sound options - promote sleep and mask noise
  • Portable - fasten Hushh 2 to a stroller or car seat using the included baby-safe clip or place it on any surface
  • Simple interface is easy to use and operate with one hand
  • Child lock offers the ability to lock Hushh 2 at a desired setting and volume to prevent younger hands from altering the sound or turning the unit off
  • LED Nightlight provides ambient lighting when feeding
  • Designed for portable use

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