Tommee Tippee Connected Sleep Trainer Clock

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Tommee Tippee Connected Sleep Trainer Clock

The new Tommee Tippee Connected Sleep Trainer Clock helps your child to learn when it’s time to go to sleep and when it’s OK to wake up and play.

The clock displays the time in digital format but also shows the passing of time using colours and symbols which your child will love. Even when they can’t yet tell the time they will soon learn when they need to close their eyes and go back to sleep and when it’s okay for them to spring out of bed, ready to play.

This sleep aid clock is so easy to set up and use and now you can control everything using the Tommee Tippee app on your smartphone. Just download the App from Google Play or Apple App store and off you go.Set alarms, play lullabies, customise the colours and select the desired level of brightness for your child’s room, all from your phone.

Parents are able to set multiple alarms to show your child when it’s wake-up time, nap-time, toilet-time and when you want them to stay in bed just that little bit longer for a much-needed lie in. You are in control!

The 10 soothing sounds which include well-known lullabies and white noise are played through the high-quality speaker to help settle your child back to sleep. As your child grows the sleep trainer can also be used as a handy nightlight for comfort and reassurance or for when your toddler needs a night-time toilet trip.     


  • The Tommee Tippee Timekeeper Sleep Trainer Clock teaches your child when it’s time to sleep and when it’s time to get out of bed
  • Download the free App to control the display, music, colours, brightness and alarm settings from your phone
  • Choose from 5 beautiful lullabies and 5 natural sounds to help settle your child to sleep
  • The child lock stops little fingers from changing the settings and the clock won’t lose its settings if there is a power cut
  • The Sleep Trainer Clock uses a micro-USB charger (excludes adaptor plug) so there’s no need for batteries

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