Zazu Ocean Projector - Otto

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Zazu Ocean Projector - Otto

Zazu Otto the Ocean Projector is an amazing tool to help your newborn through to any age (even adults) get off to sleep peacefully and with purpose, feeling like they are at the bottom of the ocean, with calming waves and schools of orange and blue fish swimming around their entire room.

Its three-step sleep program helps your child to fall asleep by lowering the animation in 3 steps. From 0-10 minutes they will listen to sweet ocean sounds and see lots of fish swimming through the water. In the second stage, 10-20 minutes, the light will dim slightly, there will be fewer fish and the sounds will switch to cute bubbling water bubbles. In the final stage, from 20-30 minutes, the moving fish will disappear, no sounds will play and the light will dim even lower.

The projector will automatically shut off after 30 minutes however if you activate the Cry Sensor, it will automatically activate when your child starts crying, which means they will potentially teach them to self-settle and drift back off to sleep without you having to get up and resettle them yourself.

You also have the option of listening to heartbeat or lullabies throughout the three-step sleep program if you don’t want to listen to the ocean sounds. 


3 Step sleep program helps your little one to fall asleep by lowering the animation in 3 steps
• Play soothing melodies; ocean, heartbeat sound, or Lullabies .
• The projection will auto shut-off after 30 minutes and the music after 15 minutes.
• The projector can automatically activate when your baby starts crying
• Child-safe ABS; LED
• 2 volume settings
• 3 x AA alkaline batteries (not included)
• Soft plush material outer can be hand washed after the projection module has been removed.
• ZAZU products are tested according to the international safety regulations


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